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Bye Bye Facebook

"The irony is that Web 2.0 has been heralded as the dawn of a new era of community and togetherness. Through the financial eyes of a venture capitalist, this may appear to be true. For the rest of us, what this means is that community is now available to manipulate, choose and consume." - William Davies; The Cold, Cold Heart of Web 2.0

I think I logged into Facebook about half a dozen times. Each time I was bombarded with requests to fill in details of how and why I knew people, and to add as "friends" people I had neither spoken to or desired to speak to for many years, plus I'd get a whole bunch of photos which other people had uploaded linked directly from my profile page.

Facebook requires your full name (and wouldn't let me change it to a fake one) and has recently said that they will be making profiles available to search engines.

I've always been the type of person who compartmentalised their life and Facebook is the complete opposite of that - you must be exactly the same person to everyone, whether they're the old friend who just uploaded a picture of you taking class A drugs (which then appears on the front page of your profile), or a distant friend of someone you just met, or a job interviewer who Googles your name.

The lack of control over my own information is disturbing and the site never gave me anything of value, so I'm out of there. I can't see any reason to provide a complete and detailed record of my school history, employment, everyone I ever met and how I know them which can lead to anything positive.

PS. Doesn't mean I don't want to talk to anyone though, just please keep in touch via old fashioned email - I miss everyone. I'm also a crap human being so rarely get around to calling/writing to anyone. Sorry. I do reply to mails people send me though.
PPS. Apart from being bugged by Facebook, everything is going great. Got a shitty car, got a cute girlfriend and running 2 businesses out here.

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