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Things that don't bother me about America nearly as much as I thought they would.

I've been gone for over six months now, which is long enough to get some inkling about a place. America's not exactly the land of milk and honey, but it's not the land of sour milk and a punch in the face either.

So here's a couple of lists. Lists of things about what I'm doing here, because I'm too lazy to write real paragraphs.

List #1 - Things that don't bother me about America nearly as much as I thought they would:

1. Country music - given context, country is actually pretty good. It's American folk music, those songs about pickup trucks and beer are what a good portion of the population here are all about. It's like White Blues. At least, the classic stuff is. Garth Brooks et al can go fuck themselves with a rhinestone-encrusted cowboy boot.

2. Lack of dance music - worldwide problem, seems rave is dead (again). I hadn't been to a really great party in the UK for bloody ages and I seem to be listening to a lot more indie anyway. Keoki's playing here in April though so hopefully that'll let me dance around like it's 2003. Still vaguely following the scene but it doesn't seem like a lot of innovation is going on anywhere, just more of the same old beats. And electronic music was supposed to change the world *sigh*

3. Language differences - the English love to go on about how the Americans can't spell properly. It doesn't really bother me now I'm here. When in Rome. Or even if you're in Spain, where you still don't complain about how things aren't spelt the same as they are at home. Unless you're one of those pricks who only eats egg and chips whilst reading The Sun and drinking warm Stella the whole time they're there.

4. Heat - I don't really like the heat all that much, which may seem retarded seems as I moved to a subtropical country, but I like the cold even less. It's 37-40 degrees Centigrade in the summer. But everywhere is air conditioned here so you don't notice it all that much, all I know is that it's March and I'm not experiencing the usual Winter depression because it's been dark for months.

5. "Oh, I love your accent!" - I kind of like being slightly exotic, and being asked the same stuff over and over is better than not being asked anything at all. It's also easier to talk to random people as the "amusing cultural differences" conversation can go on for ages.
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