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Sick for the second time in as many weeks. The first barrage of germs must've knocked out my immune system and let in bacteria which are causing havoc with my insides. So much so that coughing up $100 for a visit to the doctor seemed to be a bargain, despite my lack of enthusiasm for doctors or paying for things which I think should be free.

I've spent the past few days feeling as though I was 80 years old, reflecting on how tedious it must be to be very sick or very old all the time, where getting across the room in less steps than you thought it'd take or the simple act of urinating successfully becomes cause for celebration. Then again, maybe I should be more appreciative of the small things. Like pissing.

The doctor referred me down the road to get a CAT scan. In the UK this would mean getting stuck on the thick end of a 6 to 18 month waiting list for your turn on a machine which is probably three doors down in the same filthy hospital. Here, I got the scan that afternoon from a radiology business in a non-descript shopfront about 5 miles away. Only difference is the UK system is free and the US one cost as much as a cheap car ($1500). Not that the US system isn't falling apart ( like the UK one either, it's just a good deal more expensive. Glad we remembered to renew the travel insurance (And that we have insurance, unlike the 46 million US residents - 24% of the population - who can't afford it).
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